My 13 Favourite Songs From High School Musical

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4 min readJun 19, 2022



So I’ve been wanting to feature this playlist for a while. High School Musical remains as one of my favourite franchises, mostly because I grew up watching this even though I was in elementary/primary school when it first came out. I still love and listen to some of these songs from time to time.

I haven’t watched the 4th one that came out in 2020 mainly cause of the a change in cast. But if you’ve watched it, let me know how it is and if I should too!

In no particular order (cause I can’t decide!), here’s my top 13 from the first 3 movies from HSM 1–3!

1. The Start Of Something New, High School Musical 1

It’s the start of this playlist too! (just let me be lame)

2. Breaking Free, High School Musical 1

3. When There Was Me And You, High School Musical 1

4. What I’ve Been Looking For, High School Musical 1

5. Everyday, High School Musical 2




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