I lost my writing steam…

Plus the Editors’ picks 25th April -1st May that I missed out last week…

4 min readMay 4, 2022


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I’ve lost steam for writing. For now.

I lost steam since I stopped writing actively in April and May to focus on my second year year-end submissions. I only wrote and published everything I needed to as an editor of Coffee Times along with my newsletter on Substack.

Now that I’m done with everything, having so much more time (before my internship starts next week), my initial excitement of clearing my writing drafts wore off. I realised how emotionally tired I’ve been from being so busy the past few months…

And I started just, doing nothing, almost at all. I did not feel like doing everything, and for once just felt like neglecting everything I’m supposed to do — and it was a mistake, because I did.

I stopped writing after my last published article and newsletter. I took the week off, and the editor picks for the last week totally slipped my mind.

I apologise for this late post, but I’ll get it back soon. All while focusing on my duties as an editor and spirit as a writer again.

I hope to post more frequently like I did before April. Perhaps not straight away, but eventually again. I’ll work on it.

Thank you to everyone who’s been so nice and supportive even though I haven’t been publishing as often as before! 🙏

Editors Picks

Perfect GUIDELINES to Start Bedroom Music Production in 2022

by Go Woojin

There aren’t many people on Medium writing about music, moreover music production. At least I don’t really see them about music production (if you do, send them to me please? :). I love that Woojin gives a pretty in depth introduction into the gears, softwares, basic know hows to get started.




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