An Interview with Yean Foong

Interview №31

Photo of Yean Foong (M.Ed.) used with permission

Hi Yean, welcome to Coffee Times. Would you like to say something to our readers on Substack?

In your about me story, you’ve written about the various sides of you. Besides the range of topics you write about, how do you think each of these different sides of you reflects in the way you write?

Do you wish to write more often in Chinese, your first language, besides publishing books in Chinese? Why did you choose to write on Medium in English?

You’ve published books and you write actively on Medium. What are your goals as a writer, and how do you define writing success? Do you think you’ve achieved them yet, or are there more than you want to work towards?

You wrote this piece titled ‘You Are What You Write’. Putting your writing goals aside for this question, what type of writer do you wish to be seen as by your readers?

You’re a parent, teacher, trainer, entrepreneur and writer. How do you manage your time (I’m guessing routines?) and what are some of the biggest challenges of these different roles?

You read ebooks, physical books and audiobooks. Which is your favourite?

With the number of books you read every month, how do you learn and apply lessons from every book and prevent information overload, given that there are other sources to learn from as well?



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Musician | Dancer | Animal Lover | Dreamer | Generalist | Reader | Editor | I write to make sense of the world.