Interview with Sorina

Interview №26

Photo of Sorina Raluca Băbău, used with permission

Hi Sorina! Welcome to Coffee Times. Would you like to say something to our readers on Substack?

I really love your writing, especially the ones on psychology, a topic I enjoy reading very much! You shared your journey of becoming a psychologist. What are some of the difficult parts of the job?

How do you think your journey as a whole thus far shaped you as a writer and/or a psychologist?

What do you think about pop psychology, since it’s so different from psychology?

What is it like to write about topics relevant to your field of expertise (psychology)? Does it take much time to research as you write them since it’s still an academic field?

What are some of your writing inspirations across the different topics you write about?

Do you think that by writing your range of topics, you show the different sides of you as a person and writer?

I love that you often include a favourite quote to end off your stories, where do you usually read or collect these quotes?

I see that you often write to inspire and help others on their paths with your various topics. How successfully do you think you’ve done that so far? What are some of the greatest challenges you faced doing so?

How do you personally define success as a writer? Do you think you’re there yet, or are there more that you want to work towards?



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