Interview with Raine Lore

Interview №25

Photo of Raine Lore used with permission

Hi Raine, welcome to Coffee Times. Would you like to say something to our readers on Substack?

Hi Raine, I’ve read your ‘Ten Things Only a Select Few Know About Me’ piece, and I think your courage to share stories so personal is absolutely beautiful. How did you transition from being scared to tell your story to being confident enough to put it out there?

You’re a writer and lover of fiction, once for children and now for adults. What are some of your inspirations and biggest challenges in writing for these two very different groups of readers?

You’ve acquired and dabbled in a variety of skills so far, like graphic design, photography, illustration and animation. How do you think having those skills helped you as a writer?

You write several forms of writing for both fiction and non-fiction. You’ve written memoirs, poetries, and more. Which is your favourite form and why?

You’ve been through so much with your love for writing to become the published and appreciated writer you are today. How do you personally define success as a writer, and do you think you have succeeded as one?

You’ve been writing since you were a young girl and have since been through so much. Do you think writing in any way has saved you?

What other writing projects do you eventually wish to tackle?



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Musician | Dancer | Animal Lover | Dreamer | Generalist | Reader | Editor | I write to make sense of the world.