Interview with Noorain Ali

Photo of Noorain used with permission

This article was first published on Coffee Times Substack

Hi everyone! Not sure if you guys are aware, but Coffee Times just recruited a few new editors for our team. We’ll be introducing them through the interview series, and I hope this would be helpful to get to know them and their work better.

We have Noorain Ali with us for this issue. She writes often on Medium about various topics, including lessons from books. As you scroll through her profile, you’ll notice the pretty food photos she features in her articles.

Hi Noorain, welcome to Coffee Times as an editor! We’re so glad to have you on board with us and hope you’ll enjoy your growth with us here as well! Would you like to say something to our readers here on Substack?

Thank you, Ashley, for this interview. I believe I’m really blessed to be a part of Coffee times, especially as an editor. I always adored Coffee Times from the time it started to publish shoutout stories. That’s when Coffee Times won my heart.

What made you say yes to being an editor for Coffee Times?

I actually did not know there was an open Vacancy. Dr. Preeti reached out to me as she suggested my name for Coffee Times as an editor. I became happy and immediately started imagining myself as an editor. That’s when I searched the editors and found that my favorite writers: Vidya, Yana, Preeti, and Winston, are part of it.

You write articles on lessons in books. How do you choose which quotes and lessons to write about?

I always visit the book stores and spend my time reading books. I am also a top writer of books, the irony. I believe my whole life has been based on books and quotes from them.

I understand that you pursue filmmaking. Do you plan to write about that one day? Do you think that helps with the way you write?

Yes, I did my bachelors in filmmaking. I mostly took part in script writing and story-making. I always thought being a producer or director was not my piece of cake. I usually always stick with script writing, but I make sure they’re non-fictional. Love stories are definitely not my thing.

I notice you have a series of articles with photos of food. What’s your relationship with food?

Haha, I am a person who follows a strict diet. So, I have some part of me that wants to eat those delicious cupcakes. Instead, I just write and add mesmerizing pictures to excite my readers.

I see you wrote fiction and non-fiction. What do you love about writing each of these, and what are some of your biggest challenges?

I feel fiction keeps the creative part of me alive, and non-fiction keeps me sane. It’s hard to find a balance between the two genres. I think the one who does makes his/her writing pretty well good. Just a tip, it is.

What are some of your writing inspirations?

Books, podcasts, and videos are my writing inspirations. I sometimes watch Netflix or shows to treat myself to binge-watch.

How do you think each of your interests reflects in the way you write and what you write?

As for my age, writing non-fiction feels hard. I believe that we only should write about true things and we really follow. So, I first analyze the idea and then get back to writing them.

How do you define success as a writer/author? Do you think you’re there yet, or are there more than you want to work towards?

I think I’m not even halfway there. Writing is interesting, and the amazing part is it’s journaling for me. 2 in 1, if you say. So if I’m not a great writer, I’m definitely trying to understand myself and who I am with when writing.

Let’s welcome Noorain Ali to Coffee Times together! I’m sure you guys will see her around often. I’d like to thank Noorain for doing this interview once again, and I hope this would be helpful for you to get to know her better!



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