Interview with Dawn Bevier

Photo of Dawn Bevier, used with permission

Hi Dawn! Welcome to Coffee Times. Would you like to say something to our readers on Substack?

You know I really love and admire your writing! You share your personal stories often on Medium. What are the biggest challenges for you as you publish them online, and how do you overcome them?

You share many heartfelt stories to inspire growth in others very beautifully, Dawn. How successfully do you think you have been doing with this?

Have you ever had any moments that have made you really proud of the writer that you are?

What are some of your writing inspirations, and how do you think each of these reflects in the way you write, what you write about, and the different sides of you as a writer?

I understand you write from both your experience and from the experience of others as well. How often do you get inspired by your own experiences, compared to the experiences of others?

What’s the difference between writing from the two approaches, in your experience?

Given that the literature that you love and teach is very different from the writing style you write and publish on Medium, how does that affect the way you write?

Are there any ‘must reads’ on your list that you’d like to recommend?

How do you personally define success as a writer, and do you think you have yet to succeed? What other writing projects do you eventually wish to tackle?



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